What is English Camp?


English Camp is a great place
to meet new people.


English Camp is a place to improve
your English with the help of native speakers.


English Camp is an opportunity
to have great experiences.

For teenagers
aged 14-19 years

Recreational area
Pod Šaumburkem

Organized by
Církev bratrská

& KAM, z.s.

3 800

Why go to camp?

Definitely because of English language and all the fun! Camp is a great place for improving your English and meeting new people.

English is taught in a natural and informal way – through conversations, videos, songs with crazy move, and so on. Your English group becomes your second family for the whole week. You can also relax by playing sports or by having fun with others playing board games or doing crafts. Every day ends with an evening program and discussion challenging your English speaking abilities when talking about big topics such as forgiveness, pain, love etc. – that´s where the breakthrough takes place.


English camp is a week-long intense English program with native speakers. The entire course is aimed at young people, and therefore the whole program is conducted in a playful and entertaining style. English is not only taught in the morning but it’s literally everywhere – native speakers teach English, share rooms with the students, eat with them, play sports with them and have fun together. English is simply everywhere and students are literally forced to start speaking English. A great emphasis is placed on conversations and natural use of the language. At the end of the camp, students use English without even realizing it. Students are divided into groups according to their level of English with a translator at hand. Teachers have access to high-quality materials and are trained in using them.


Another emphasis of the camp is relationships. At the camp, you can meet new people and but also interesting people from your own town as the camp is organized by a local Christian youth group in cooperation with Americans. Furthermore, things don’t end with camp – Americans stay in town for a few extra days for follow-up events. Reunion parties are held throughout the year to stay in touch. Thanks to modern technology we can also easily keep in touch with our friends from the US.

Sport and fun

At camp, you will be able to experience a different culture (for instance American culture), play sports, and all sorts of games. Those who do not enjoy sports can spend time crafting – making bracelets, jewelry or playing your favorite board game.

Every camp is enriched by a different kind of activity such as a one-day trip, water sport or a night  game.

Evening program

Evenings at camp are kicked off by silly ice-breakers done by Americans followed by a camp dance, which is an essential part of the camp. Every year we have a new song with new moves. After dancing we sing English songs and dance.

After a necessary break, a speaker brings a short reflection on some aspect of life. Topics are based on biblical principles. The main program is in English with translation, so everyone understands. The evening program ends with group discussions on the same topic (again in English).